When it comes to smartphones – there are only 2 names that dominate the market – Android and iOS(Apple). But their market share worldwide varies country to  country.

In United States, 65% of the market share is held by iOS, compared to 35% of Android. In United Kingdom, iOS dominates by holding 58% market share against 41% held by Android.

In Japan, iOS leads with a market share of 75%. In Australia, iOS and Android are in neck and neck competition with a market share of 55% and 45% respectively.

What about India? According to experts, 70% of smart phones in India run on Android. It’s a no-brainer since iPhones come with a heavy price tag which makes it out of reach for most Indians and you can get Android smart phones for as little as Rs. 3000/-.

According to an estimate, Android has a market share of 90% in India, making it a clear winner. Does iOS come a distant 2nd? Not really. The second dominant OS is of Windows with a market share of 5%.

Clearly, Apple is losing out a big chunk of market, but going by Tim Cook’s interviews, they clearly are not interested to lower the price to gain market share.

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