computers interconnected cloud

computers interconnected cloud


According to LinkedIn data, 2 of the Top Hard Skills in demand in 2019 would be Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Today technology is not a standalone industry but rather an integral part of every industry as well as our loves. It’s no wonder that technology related hard skills are at top.

Infact almost 11 of top hard skills are technologies and related digital jobs.

Cloud Computing – We live in an interconnected world. Cloud computing not only helps share resources but also helps companies save money. Cloud computing relies on shared computing resources, applications, etc, instead of depending on local servers and personal devices.

Artificial Intelligence – Companies are investing in artificial intelligence, that improves our experience while using technology. This includes planning, reasoning, speech recognition and more.

The other hard skills on LinkedIn’s list are – UX Design, Mobile Application Development, Natural Language Processing, Scientific Computing, Game Development, Social Media Marketing, Animation, Digital Marketing, Software Testing, Data Science and Computer Graphics.